Our Wines Are The Result Of Experience, Effort And Passion For Enology.

The cellar

The winery has been designed to develop a preconceived idea of ​​wine and a limited number of bottles. It is conditioned so that nothing escapes to the high level of demand that we impose on the production process. Always at the cutting edge of new technologies, we are still evolving in order to improve in each harvest.

Everything Begins In The Field

A careful selection of the vineyards is essential to ensure regularity between vintages. Working with farmers who take part in the project, allows us to choose the best soils and the best strains, which meet the necessary characteristics to make our wines. Grapes are handpicked and transported to the winery in 18 kg. cases, which allows the reception of intact grapes.

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Double Table Of Selection

Once the cases are in the winery, the grape is carefully placed on the first selection table, in which the selection of bunches is made, removing those which do not have the required conditions and that could prejudice the final product. After destemming, the grapes, they fall on to a second table where the green damaged seeds are removed as well as little petiole pieces, fragments of stalks and leaves. All this processes expects to achieve the homogenous wines over time, minimizing the possibility of any incidences in the matureness and health of the grape due to to variations in climate of different ages, avoiding the presence of any disturbing elements in the final composition of the wine.

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In the best moment

AAfter aging in the casks that is essential to enhance its qualities, each wine has a stay period in niches, in order to reach its maximum fullness and expression. The duration of this period depends on each type and necessity of the wine, so that it can come into the market at its optimum moment, when it has reached its peak.

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