Our wines are the result of experience, effort and passion for oenology.

The cellar

The winery has been designed to develop a preconceived idea of wine and a limited number of bottles. It is conditioned so that nothing escapes the high level of demand that we impose on the production process. Always at the forefront of new technologies we continue to evolve to improve in each harvest.

It all starts in the field

To achieve regularity between vintages, the careful selection of the vineyards is essential. Working with farmers linked to the project for years allows us to choose the best lands and the best strains, which meet the necessary characteristics to make our wines. In the field, the grapes are harvested by hand and transported in boxes of 18 kg, favoring them arrive in perfect conditions to the winery.

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Double selection table

Once the boxes are in the cellar, the grapes are slowly deposited on a first table in which the selection of clusters is made, eliminating those that do not have adequate conditions and that can harm the final product . After de-stemming, the beans fall to a second table where the green beans, past or damaged, and broom fragments are removed.

This whole process aims at the homogeneity of the wines over time, minimizing as far as possible the maturational and phytosanitary incidents due to climatic variations, ensuring that no distorting element intervenes in the final composition of the wine.

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In the best moment

After aging in the barrel, essential to enhance its qualities, our wines spend a period of rest in the bottle, variable according to type and vintage, in which they reach fullness, maximum roundness and expression. < / br> They will only go on sale at the optimum time to be tasted.

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